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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 23, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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leading up to them. john henrehan has a preview at the national mall of events. >> reporter: just like 50 years ago no one knows how manyw will show up for the celebration extending over several days. d the next big event is tomorrow. nobody knows how many will showl up and the anniversary is wednesday, the 50th anniversary of martin luther o king's famous rally and speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. i am here at the mlk , jr.jr. memorial. a tour bus just blocked our view of it right here. i have been spending severalding hours talking to people. they have come from all over brooklyn, new york, from california. from they are here to remember dr. king. many are here to recommit themselves to what he believes b in. >> even with the steady raintead during the earlier part of the day, people still came to visit martin luther king memorial. mem a large percentage of visitors were from out of town.
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they have come to washington to commemorate the 50th0th anniversary of martin luther king's big civil rights march of 1963. >> we are lgbt activists and think it is important to be here as a progressive coalition to support progression.t >> unfinished business? b >> yes. absolutely unfinished business. people got complacent.acen ever since the decision came down about voter rights act we are right back where we started before freedom marchers in 60s. and anybody who says differently is diluting >> we wanted to shareut thise experience with her.ce w >> why is that important? >> i think, you know, as she is growing older now, she is able to understand and see the importance what one life makes.a t as recent as 1970, i have phone up to the restaurant to order food and asked to go around to the back to place my order. >> our mission is a continuing
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mission. it was never complete untile every single soul in this planet on this globe has equality.ity. >> so, again, the big event, there are many small events but the big events are tomorrow, saturday and wednesday. w >> since we are close too tomorrow let's focus on them. first, locally sponsored event locally organized event at 9:00 tomorrow morning there will be a rally for d.c. statehood d sort of.c to help the nationthe understand people in this city pay full federal taxes and don't have a voting representative in congress. it will happen at 9 a.m. at the d.c. war memorial which is to north of independence avenue. >> they will march at 9:30 to to the lincoln memorial to join with the bigger group where the bigger rally will be. at the lincoln memorial it willt start with a prayer session at 8:00. from to noon, usually a program
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and some type of entertainment and speeches and main speakers start at 11:00 a.m. nancy pelosi, attorney general eric holder, merrily evers williams widow of met goer evers and martin luther king, son of martin luther king and family oa trayvon martin and reverend al sharpton one of the main organizations. the speeches begin at 11:00 and will step off lincoln memorial.l >> walk by here, martin luther king , jr. memorial and march to the washington monument where they will sphears. w manyi streets will be closed.ed >> metro is best way to go. federal triangle, smithsonian and l'enfant plaza. it will be crowded is my guess. take transit. >> john, if you will, to give folks an idea this is such a huge event, give us an idea how things are going on now. are there large crowds?
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we can sort of hear music in background. >> not a large crowd. rain kept a lot of people away. there was a festival with a livi band and almost no one is here because of steady drizzle that happened much of the day. >> people came only to the mlk , jr. memorial. it was quiet and respectful. no cheering. just visiting. mostly out-of-towners. >> john henrehan down at the national mall. thank you. street closures, heads up if you are going to the march. several streets and monuments will be closed. visitors going to the real lifel dream march and rally you are advised to use public transportation if possible and you can go to reflecting pool from 17th street near theear world war ii memorial. traffic message boards will be in place to try to minimize m delays. anticipating the crowds,
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metro will put extra trains in t service. riders are advised to use farragut north, farragut west smithsonian and arlingtonon national cemetery andia more stf will be on hand to assistt visitors. >> the weekend hours are thehe same from 7 a.m. to 3:00a .m deep on fox5 for continuing coverage of the 50th0th anniversary on the march on walks can you visit for schedule ofr sc events and helpful links and stories we have been covering leading up to the event. let's take a live lookive outside now. >> rain fell much of the afternoon. >> things are supposed to clear up nicely but i know thingshin change in your line of work hopefully, that's not your linee of work. speaking of changing this is frustrating day for me. we didn't anticipate the rain sticking around throughout date. >> let me give you an idea. >> showers out there and looksnd like showers will be around in a
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couple of hours. it is slow to move.e. but it is. drier air to north is coming in to push it all out of here and increasingly drier as the evening progresses and rain is moving from northwest to southeast. >> this is real, real light. l >> it will get out of here. >> will, to answer youryour question, briefly, yes they, y weekend is looking pretty good. we will answer those questions and more coming up. thank you, gary.y. a metrobus hit a man during his morning run on the morning run. he survived thanks to quick actions of soldiers who happened to be here. >> bob bob barnard is live in the newsroom. >> two soldiers you are about to meet have battlefield experience dealing trauma and others just great instincts kicking ininct wednesday when a fellow runner was struck by a bus. >> they are military policeilit officers, members of the army's old on awe guard.
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lieutenant quentin and brian williams and john russell and specialist chris >> the four soldiers were in th middle of a nine mile run on the national mall and heard another runner struck by a metrobus crossing 7th street s northwest. >> i heard the thud. and as soon as i looked up, i saw the bus bassing by. >> there in middle of the street was a man in a t-shirt andrt sneakers. >> he was initially in a fetal i position and wasn't moving and w you think the >> he wains alive. as soon as it happened everyone took off on i a dead sprint towards the individual and wanted to get to the assistance as fast as possible. >> we were apprehensive about rolling him over and didn't know there was a neck or spine injury when we saw a lot of blood on ground we had to check him out. >> they pulled the man out of the street knowing they needed to stop the bleeding? >> i looked for somebody closeob by and a jogger there was and i said can i have your shirt and
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he said absolutely. >> we pretty much tied the shirt around his since we didn't have sticks or pole to fast fashion a tourniquet we pulled against him and held onto it until paramedics arrived. >> briaran williams and john russell are war veteran's who attended to grew some injuries on the ballotsfield. your first priority is f whether it is inir america, iraq or afghanistan is to help peep. >> members of the army's old guard assists with funerals ath arlington national cemetery andd stand guard at the tomb of the unknowns. >> i am grateful we were here when iult happened? >> we were lucky we wer>> so w, think federal worker named. >> wherever tim is, i wish him well and hope he gets better soon and hopefully he can touch bases and go out sometime. it appears the man named tit was at fault in the accident.cie
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>> the metrobus had a green light, sean. >> all right. >> bob bob barnard. >> thank you. nearly four years after a horrific shooting rampage in fort hood major nadal hasan is convicted on all counts of murder. he was found guilty in the attack and he is eligible for the death penalty. >> casey seeingel is in fort hood with the very latest. >> army major nadal hasan found guilty ofna all charges against him in the 2009 shooting rampage at fort hood. >> the panel of officers seated for the trial of united states versus major nadal hasan returned a verdict with a unanimous finding of guilty to first charge of 13 counts of premeditated murder and guiltynd of 32 counts of the additional t charges ofhe attempted premeditated murder.
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>> jury deliberations took about 6 1/2 hours following 11 days of testimony from nearly 90ness and closing arguments. >> hasan acted a as his own own defense attorney at the time only questioned 3 of the total witnesses and did not presentnot his closing arguments. >> before curable began he saide he is a soldier of allah and radical cleric was his mentor and friend. court-martial now enters the sentencing phase and will begin monday. >> prosecutors will ask jurors to sentence hasan to death and must all agree to give him the death penalty. a unanimous decision f. they t don't, the 423-year-old army 423 psychiatrist could spend rest of his life in prison. death sentences are rare in the u.s. military. >> in fact, no american troopno has been executed since 1961. >> reporter: at fort hood,
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texas casey steagall, fox5.y a s raising wildfire indfir california threatening thousands of homes. h hear from frightening neighbors told to get out now. this is a fresh egg. e so fresh it was laid just a fewa hours ago and didn't come from out in country. >> in fact, the hen that laid it is in this city causing a cau controversy. i'm beth parker.m thbee story is coming up. >> i pointed at him and said dad you are not going to die today. a real life miracle. a man who's heart stopped beating for 45 minutes thrived talk about it. 
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>> it is a trend taking off in st. louis and portland. people are raising chickens in their backyard and eggs do notdo come fresher. >> someone living in d.c. gave it a try and says they are great. you know there's a but coming on this one. here it is. >> the city informed him he is violating d.c. code. fox5 beth parker has a closer cl look. >> here is the farm. t >> we have a little tree nursery here. >> reporter: a nursery. some vegetables. and. . >> hey, ladies we have company. >> chickens. >> five of them, to be exact. not on a farm but in northwest,n washington. >> oh, my god look at. >> tom and his wife live in oregon and raised chickens. when they moved to d.c.
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specifically tacoma park they missed fresh eggs. two years ago they got some chickens. >> thank you for the egg. >> tom says they have taken it very seriously. >> tomorrow i will have chickens. you need to have good housing. o you need to be clean. >> this is the edge of tom's property in northwest d.c n it is fenced in. in. >> they don't smell, and he says because they are hens and not roosters they don't make much noise except for a few minutesor in the a morning when they are laying eggs. >> they go caw, caw, caw, cluck, cluck, cluck. >> tom is not sure of the reason but somebody complained. on wednesday an employee of d.c animal control delivered a notice. >> it says here you muste relocate your chickens outside of the district of columbia thic is a violation of d.c. code 18- 1808.1808
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>> it is ridiculous. >> d.c. is behind the times in many things including education. >> public housing. public health and chickens. >> the notice says he has 48 48 hours to remove the chickens. >> tom says animal control offered to give him until monday and he says he is not sure whatw he will do. he wants to keep the chicken and hopes this will get people talking. >> got a lot to say, don't you? >> in northwest d.c. beth parker fox5 news. three adults from baltimoret area are the first confirm cases of the west nile virus int maryland this year. the health department made the announcement and offer up a few ways to protect yourself including avoiding areas of high mosquito property and avoid activities at dusk and dawn and wear long pants, long shirts and
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epa insectside repellents. a wildfire in california inching closer to >> the fire in yosemite grew from 99 to 165 square miles and flames spread inside the border of yosemite national park. >> the fire is threatening nearly 5,000 homes and official urge people living here to gete out now. >> all of this was already packed. >> it took about 15 minutes to check everything and then left. it is just that scary. >> some of the most beautiful geography of california.of >> governor jerry brown declared a state of >> the fire, by the way out of control. it is only 2% contained. let's check with gary mcgrady. certainly a gray drizzley day all day today. >> it has been t. kind of ruiner my routine, gary, on friday i get car washed, not today. >> you are trying to make meke feel bad.
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>> it won't be like this all weekend. a lot of events going on in town. >> looking forward to saturday and sunday. >> let's move onto weekend and show you where rain has been. >> it is stubborn and doesn't want to get off here. t >> this iso the radar going wrg and wrong and most of what is south of the city is drying out with a little bit of light shower south of the city down i-95. >> most of this as can you see is d.c. to gaithersburg and to the northeastern sections andte allrn moving from northwest to southeast. there is a cold front that movem through the area today. >> we end up with this complex h out west and associated a disturbance kind of rolling oven the north of that front creating persistent rain. >> as i mentioned, it isione stubborn. >> it is good and getting out of here. rain is not a bad thing. >> trust me. >> we can use it later on and it
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will get drier in the nextxt couple of weeks.. a little rain will go a long way. clearing sky and hagerstown now. >> and so hopefully in city before sunsets we will see sunshine ebb poking to west. spotty storms now and spotty showers and partly cloudy skiess through the evening hours. >> and i have not made changes c to the weekend, guy. i want to talk about one thing for the afternoon. >> and don't say you oh. >> she will jinx us. wi >> we will stick around and wait for full forecast. >> one bitty thing i wanted to clarify.
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thank you, gary. see you in a few. a d.c. wrapper writes a w theme songra for rg33 and a redskins player gets hit with a hefty fine for wearing the wrong gear. operation >> and welcomingat back a huge party. among friends and familyfami breaking down the welcome home luncheon as the news at 5:00 continues.
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the nfc redskins celebratin during the annual welcome h luncheon before. kicking offef against eagles,or the team was honored for the hard work. lindsey joins us with moreoe on the celebration and honors today. it is a fun event. when you celebrate the fact you won nfc it makes it better and these guys get dressed up and it is a big to do and everybody was dressed up and fun.
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it was the 52nd annual welcome lunch with fans and corporate partners and it is a big shindig. players are dressed to the nine's and usually defensive backs win best dressed but davis was the one dressed to impress. fans of the burgundy and gold. robert griffin was a recipienten of the 2012 offensive player of the year award. >> and kicker kai with special teams player of the year and josh morgan, 2012 community service award. >> fans were treated to a lunch and option that raised tens ofes thousands of dollars and redskin brass including mike shanahan. it is great for the fans andans also for the players. >> it is a great time. >> we do it every year. >> it is fun. >> we do it this year andear
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different experience andence different vibe and more fans and more space. >> it is a great time for our fans and community. >> we put a football teamfoot together and looking for people that are passionate in what this do. very positive in the way they think and have the perseverancer to last during tough times. >> you always want people to have a great work ethic but so often they don't have the perseverance. >> we have a football team that has everything.ythi >> 3 and 6 last year to 10-6. >> tomorrow at a home game versus buffalo bills. starters get about 2 plays. >> they looked spiffy out there. >> i was wondering who were thee guys in the polo shirts. >> the rookies. >> i don't think they were told to be dressed to nines.nes. >> thank you, lindsey. rg-3 has tape to the field
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in the preseason. his wallet has taken a hit. >> they fired ken gran foror wearing an unauthorized t-shirt with "operation patience." ti he wore it on the field.the all gear on game day must be approved by the league. l ♪ i'm a gladiator and fighterdi and champion.♪at >> a d.c. rapper showcasing musical talents for a new documentary set to air on redskins quarterback rg-3. the song called no pain, no game for rg-3 the will to win premier ing tuesday august 27th looking at rookie season from rehab on his knee and personal off the field moments. cool. >> if you are watching, come in. >> we will invite you in and you
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could perform song life on fox news. love it. >> you are invited. a major traffic letter on i-95 in virginia. >> where lanes will be shut s down. a man ends up in jail after bringing a loaded gun in a crouse. >> a closer look at the vanessa pham murder trial. ♪
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[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. the interrogation video played in murder trial of julio blanco-gas raw had some of us watching it on the edge of our r seats and the man convictedded a of killing college student vanessa pham claimed not to know who she was before investigators got him to reveal the information they were looking for. paul wagner is in studio
5:31 pm
with an in-depth look how investigators did their job. >> the interrogation video int played to the jury in the trial of julio blanco-garcia with observers on edge of their seats. >> and the man convicted of killing vanessa pham claimed toc not know where she is was before they got information. julio blanco-garcia was caught in the shoplifting case and his fingerprints matched f printsin on vanessa pham's car.c he and his partner introduce themselves engaging the suspect in conversation talking about it to yous. >> everybody -- some have eagles. >> yes. right. >> conditionally what he was doing, he was building a rapport but trying to get a base line. >> he was pretty much asking him
5:32 pm
questions he already knew the answer to. >> he was seeing what the response was to see how deceptive this person would bewl and how open he may be. >> early on in the interview before the suspect knows why he is there blanco-garcia sees the word "murder" on a nearby piecea of paper. >> what do you mean? >> it might see like a natural opening to discuss the case. but detective bond moves on. >> i think it probably gave the detective confirmation that he n was definitely going in the right direction.t di the two continued to talk about blanco-garcia's family any where he was working before detective bond hit him with a tea question.te >> how do you know vanessa? >>? vanessa pham. >> i don't know her. >> did you ever know her. >> no?
5:33 pm
never heard of her.f >> no. >> all right. yes. >> one of the things that i believe he was doing there, which is a very good tactic, even when somebody confesses, you have to take great pains too be able to corroborate more than just i did it. >> you have to seek out detailsd fetrom the person about the cri. part of that is to prove blanco-garcia had no prior relationship with vanessa pham anipd claimed he never got in hr car before confessing. >>. >> he sold her. >> and then you know i don't know what happened. >> that's it.
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>> i am so sorry.ry >> i didn't mean to. >> jim who retired from the d.c. police department after conducting more than 100100 interrogations of his own thinks detective bond did a very goodgd job. >> he developed a theme that helped ease the person's conscious and ease their moralir responsibility. in fact, help him take ownership of the crime in a way that would assist family. >> julio blanco-garcia wasco caught and matched prints on vanessa pham's car the day shehe was killed.wa >> the jury in the case recommended he spend 49 years behind bars. fascinating good police work. prince george's policece arrested a man for bringing ag loaded gun in the white house. troy kent went to the crouse for an appointment with his probation officer. during the x-ray screening
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process security had a loaded handgun and police arrested him. >> he is in jail on $100,000 bond. the search for a hit-and-run driver continues in landover. >> police found the body on eastbound lanes near route 50 at 10:00 p.m >> officials believe the woman e was walk ago long the road whena she was hit. >> if you know anything about the incident call prince george's one person is dead after a townhouse fire in fairfaxhous county. two-storyened at the home on benoit could court in wood lawn. firefighters put out the fire and he was rushed to the th hospital where he died. firefighters say they found a smoke alarm and it was not mounted and didn't activate. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. traffic alert tonight all lanes on interstate 95 south of the fairfax county parkway will be closed after midnight.
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crews will place a 109-ton steel beam across the lanes. it will help support a flyover l ramp of the i-95 express lanes. closures are expected to be removed by 6 a.m. saturday morning and six lanes opened by 9. >> all closures weather permitting of >> if weather is an issue closures will take place saturday to sunday. older workers who drive foro a livinrkg have significantly higher traffic death rates according to a cdc report. those 65 and older have triple the death rate 18 to 45-years-old. >> employers with keep older drivers safe by providing opportunities to reduce there amount of time they are driving. coming up tonight a consumer alert for jeep owners. >> we will tell you about complaints leading to a government investigation. microsoft c.e.o. is stepping down. how wall street is reacting to surprise announcement.
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>> we are following breakingfo news out ofll the national zoo. the national zoo tweeted us out. we have a cub born at 5:32 p.m. this evening. >> this is footage from earlier this the zoo says her water had broke and they knew this would happen within the hour and again, it happened at 5:32. the zoo as we were reporting was in round the clock pandand pregnancy watch for quite sometime. last september she gave birth to had 4-ounce female cub and died six years later. this year she was artificially inseminated twice after natural breeding attempts were unsuccessful. >> the zoo's female giant panda
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has given birth at 5:32 this evening. >> we will have another report on news edge at 6:00. good news, sean. -- shawn. the government is is investigating complaints thatin the ceilingsg of the 2012 jeep grand cherokees catch on fire. no recall is issued and it affects 146,000 jeeps. three drivers complained the ceilings caught fire near the th passenger side sun visor while s they were driving. >> billionaire businessman elann musk introduced a speedy way toa travel called hyper loupe transportation system revel use useizing working to have capsules carrying passengers ate the speed of sound. the idea got a lot of buzz and people excited and musk decided to shelve the project and no specific reason was given to focus on different except tellsa
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and space-x. microsoft c.e.o. will step down in the next 12 months. >> c.e.o. steve unexpectedly announced his retirement say with tweets about it and some was looming and now it is confirmed. >> afterwards shares of microsoft went up more than 8% in early trading. >> he is head of the world's software company for 13 >> there's no clear county to succeed.eed. they have had only two-crow's in 38 year history.yr this is a big deal. wants to spend his money i'm i sure. after he made the announcement he got $800 million richer because stocks went up. >> how many times can you say iy quit and get $800 million. my guess is i am young enough to enjoy it. how much are you willing to pay for water at a restaurant? how much some are shelling
5:43 pm
out $20 for glass of h2o. kanye west tweets out a baba photo everyone waiting for.g you can't tell from this picture. >> it is shaping up to be a nice weekend. gary is back with the forecast. 
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>> a real estate good glass of g wine at dinner could run $ would you pay that for water. >> a new high end water trend is making a splash in california c coming complete with a water >> it is famous water from france. >> drink up. if you take a seat at ray's ray
5:47 pm
stock bar in los angeles you will get three menus, one for food. one for wine and one for water.. >> what we did, we took this water and adding minerals to it for a unique taste. martin reese is general manager and serves first and only water somelier in united states. >> it offers 43 page water wa tasting menu from foreign to familiar. >> i think everybody knows thiss from fiji islands low mineral content and therefore very accident very smooth. >> next water. >> you can see it right away. >> it is distill water and see tiny bubbles. >> bubbles don't come cheap. d >> they are turning water intooo cash. >> prices range $8 to $20 a glass. >> could the same concept work in new york?
5:48 pm
at manhattan customers had mixed opinions. >> it is freshing and healthy.hl and stay hydrated. >> i kind of like the idea, too. >> there's a market for everything. >> people will buy it. >> i am not. >> resident wine somelieres doesn't think theid water trend will buck any traditions anyon time soon. >> we are not there yet.. >> i do believe a good meal is done with wine.ith and water is an accessory. in l.a. reese is still pstouring and trying to pair his idea with success.idea >> if you like mushrooms in the meal the dutch spring is perfect. >> it is more -- that's reallyly interesting with the water. >> fox5 okay.ay i don't think i will spendi that much money on a glass of water. >> somehow i don't think that will catch on. >> maybe that's what they did ii the days of prohibition when yoe couldn't order a glass of wine.
5:49 pm
you ordered water instead.r big weekend this weekend. 50th anniversary of the march washington. folks in town. the pressure is on, gary. what's the weather like.e. no big changes. >> talking about it being nice. look likes it will stay that way. >> one thing we will talk about. i want everybody to know. >> if you squint your eyes and tower cam will you see sunshinee to the west into the northwest. >> it is not quite to the city yet. i am banking on seeing sunshinee before it goes down. here in the city and about everywhere. >> showers are moving on. >> if you look at this, last couple of hours, showers have been moving from the northwest in downtown to the southeast. >> that at least is the trend and finally getting out of heref thank goodness. >> they have been real, real stubborn. >> temperatures 76. >> cooler for gaithersburg. it seems to be the trend.
5:50 pm
fredrik 72 quantico 75. fredrik at 72 degrees.ri k spotty showers around at 7:00. looks like most of that will be quickly getting out of here. at and 11:00, partly cloudy. getting dry coming weekend looks nice. no big changes here. if anything, if you have been be keeping up with the weekend the forecast tomorrow's high temperature by 1 degrees. 83 to 84. >> last sunday nearly perfect. sunshine 84 and for saturdayor there could be a few clouds and tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening there's a little bit of a reason why. i will show it on futurecast in a second. satellite and radar together rain to south and this rain is moving to north of the front which is fairly unusual this th time of year. once the front goes through
5:51 pm
drier air is with it and cooler air and rain shower activity ass a threat. not the case today. drier air and clearer air is lagging behind >> look how nice it is through great lakes to the midwest. >> cool front coming down. >> this is the weekend forecastd >> high pressure is building in. things look good. futurecast, though, i want to show you this. >> at 11:00 tomorrow saturday morning at 11:00.00. notice here on eastern shore. a few clouds maybe a sprinkle or two. we are getting the flow east and northeast. it could be a marine layer comer across. you can see that there. couple of clouds and showers passing i don't anticipate rain.ipat 2, 3, 4, 5:00 tomorrow. we could have clouds that may come to western shore. it means maybe the district, too. that's it. >> no more wrinkled than that.
5:52 pm
>> sunday looks gorgeous on futurecast. a little bit of fog may form. it looks like higher elevations to the valleys out west.vall mostly sunny tomorrow morning and mostly sunny at noon and a couple of clouds. if the marine layer gets far to west, it usually doesn't. >> i want everybody to know we could have clouds in the city tomorrow >> sunday is gorgeous and heat up with a few chances of showers and thunderstorms.d not too bad.not >> i told you nothing to worry about. visiters are grateful.te that's right. thank you,rs> gary. meet northwest. this is the first look at kim and kanye's baby. he showed the pic of his two-month-old daughter on grandma's talk show. west discussed fatherhood and relationship with kim kardashian calling her my joy during the season finale of chris jener's r show. at news edge at 6:00 we are
5:53 pm
continuing toly follow great gre breaking news out of the national zoo. giant panda mei xiang has given birth. >> we will have a live report. concussion controversy. a confession by a redskin playee reignites the debate overhead injuries in the nfl. amazing video of a sinkhole. >> watch it here. >> trees get sucked in. >> you have to see how this ends. more stories at 6:00. 
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a las vegas couple facing charges for allegedly plotting a toll kidnap, torture and killnd police officers for what they call treason. the pair is locked up until the next court hearing until september. police call this a case ofof domestic terror. the plot was supposed to bring attention to anti-authority sovereign citizens movement. >> undercover police foiled the plot.
5:57 pm
they regard sovereign citizens extremists as domestic terrorists. a former paramedic accuseded of possessing bomb-makingg bo materials in the deadly fertilizer plant explosion pending a bond on a hearing. >> reese was arrested after finding a pipe bomb in his homeh hundreds were hurt as the blast devastated the town ofn west. >> the trial is scheduled to begin september 23rd. >> it is called a real life miracle. tony yale was pronounced dead at an ohio hospital after doctors were unable to revive him >> nurses prepared his body to s be seen by the family he suddenly began to show signs off life 45 minutes after his heartr stopped beating doctors resumed efforts to revive him and his heart started beating again. >> everybody started telling mel how it happened and i started to understand a miracle happened. >> yale has a defibrillator and will undergo more tests soo doctors can determine what
5:58 pm
caused his heart to stop. i would say that's a miracle indeed. thank you for joining usg tonight at 5:00. news edge starts now. this is fox5 news edge at 6:00. we start tonight at 6:00 with breaking >> the national zoo says giant a panda mei xiang gave birth to ab cub. >> this is a live look at the panda cam. >> you can't see the baby right now. they are tiny, about size of a stick of butter. >> the zoo has been on panda watch and the expert performedd artificial inseminations on mei xiang march 30th after failing to breed with tian tian >> a week old cub died last september. we will have a live report from zoo and efforting that now in a few minutes complete with an update with zoo officials. good news out there.
5:59 pm
redskins london fletcher says he kept quiet about concussions to remain on the field the admission flies in the face of new nfl rules to cutut down on long term brain injuries caused by blows to the head.he actions are raising questions about what the league can do if a player won't say he is tom fitzgerald is in thein news following this one.this >> congress looked into this as well. it was three years ago roger goodell testified that they have taken dramatic actions to cut down concussion.ussi the accuracy and diagnosis the teens are getting are coming into question.ion. the veteran leader of theer 'skins defense says he is able to conceal concussion and keepnn himself on the field. linebacker london fletcher.l >> the nfl's iron man. london fletcher played
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